Dr. Josh Waltzman 是一个有很高成就和认证的整形外科医生吗. 虽然很多人都听说过优秀的美容服务 华尔兹曼整形重建外科 provides for their patients, we’d like to share what motivations propelled Dr. 成为今天杰出的整形外科医生. 继续阅读,了解更多关于Dr. 沃尔兹曼成为一名整形外科医生的旅程!

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1. What things early on in your life pushed you towards a career in medicine? 你考虑过其他职业吗?

在成长过程中,我并不知道自己会成为一名医生. 直到上了大学,我才决定走这条路. Growing up, I was very motivated academically, which translated to hard work and good grades. There was never really anyone who had to “remind” me to do my homework or reward me for doing well at school.

I was very close to my grandfather, who was a cardiologist, but he never pushed medicine on me. 其实我很小的时候就非常喜欢音乐. 我演奏多种乐器,也作曲和编曲. I really thought that I was going to be a professional musician; however, 我被不可预测的“现场到现场”的生活方式吓坏了. I figured that I could have a predictable lifestyle and still remain in music if I worked in the business side of the music industry, 是什么促使我在大学里学习商科. 在我上了大学的第一节科学课之后,一切都变了.

2. Do you remember the exact moment that you knew with 100% certainty that you would become a doctor?

我在南加州大学上过神经科学课. 真的没有任何理由, 但我的内心告诉我,这里才是我的归属, 就像一种“直觉”.” I was excited, intimidated, and relieved that I finally knew what I was meant to do. It was literally this class that made me switch my focus and career goals to medicine. In many ways, it made my life easier because I knew exactly what I had to do.

3. 你的内部和外部目标是什么?

我想从医学院毕业, 进入一个有竞争力的整形外科实习, 完整美学团契训练, 成为一名经过认证的整形外科医生. I ultimately wanted to open- up my own practice to provide excellent care.

在内部, 我的目标是尽我所能努力学习,在学业上取得成功, so that I could pave a path for myself to be able to support myself and my family. I also wanted to be able to make a positive impact in the lives of my patients. 我的目标是做一个好人,一个好医生. 我知道一切都会随之而来.

4. What methods did you employ to accomplish your goal of becoming a successful doctor?

我主修商科,副修理科. In order to finish college in four years, I took summer school every single summer.  In between semesters I volunteered in a research lab, instead of traveling or relaxing at the beach.

My mantra was, “The path to becoming a doctor is a marathon, not a sprint.我真的接受了这个咒语. If you burn yourself out at an early age, you will never make it to the end. 或者,如果你碰巧坚持到最后,你会不开心.

我和我妻子经常约会. 全国十大正规平台把独处和在一起的时间放在首位. We always make sure that we had a babysitter and go out on a standing date night at least one or two times per month. 这改变了世界.

5. What epiphany did you experience while studying to become a surgeon that led you to choose aesthetic surgery?

I had no idea what kind of doctor I wanted to be when I started medical school. In the second year of med school, I was assigned to shadow a plastic surgeon. 这改变了一切! I saw such a wide variety of patients: breast cancer, tummy tuck, and even facial trauma patients. 一个外科医生怎么能治疗这么多不同类型的病人? 这种多样性最初吸引我做全国十大正规平台. I noticed that the surgeons were happy, and the patients they treated were happy and grateful. 这是我应该待的地方.

6. 你在追求目标的过程中遇到了什么挫折或障碍?

Getting a plastic surgery spot right out of med school is very competitive. 当我申请的时候,有300多人申请100个名额. I knew that I had to be very flexible to go anywhere in the country if I got in. I was fortunate enough to get a spot at a great program in Rochester, NY. Unfortunately, this meant my wife had to give up a job opportunity in Los Angeles. 这是一种压力, 情感, and exciting time for us to move across the entire country to start a new life together. It ended up being a fantastic experience that made us stronger as individuals and as a couple. 我不会拿这段经历来交换任何东西.

7. 你现在有哪些导师, 或者在你的职业生涯中对你产生了持久影响?

The primary mentor I have had in my professional career is my fellowship director, Dr. 吉姆寻. 他教了我很多关于手术和解剖学的知识. He is someone that genuinely loves what he does and loves teaching others. 专业上,他帮助我获得了自信. I find myself repeating things to patients that I remember hearing him say.

The other group of mentors would be all of the other residents and fellows that I trained with. 全国十大正规平台一起学习, 全国十大正规平台一起犯过错误, 全国十大正规平台一起笑了, 全国十大正规平台作为外科医生一起成长. 其中一些人已经成为了一生的朋友.

8. 成为一名整形外科医生的经历如何改变了你的内在?

The internal result of accomplishing what I have is much more gratifying and satisfying than I initially expected. 当我刚开始这段旅程的时候, I had no idea that I would become a plastic surgeon and open my own practice right out of fellowship. 我从无到有建立了自己的企业,而且成功了! 我的计划和目标也在不断发展. 我没有一个总体规划. 事实上,我的目标和计划仍在不断变化和发展. I feel extremely satisfied and fulfilled with the work I do and the service I provide for my patients.

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